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Some pic thingies that I just recently made~

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Lovely work made by other lovely people~


Sketch #28 (Finale)- 'The Curtain Call'
For the twenty-eighth and last day of Sketch-a-day 2017, For what better way to end my month challenge of drawing and posting a sketch every consecutive day, I'd figure that I would draw my characters (and my drawn self :B) all together taking a group photo to commemorate my second time completing this challenge and not missing a day once~ Also wanted to practice drawing groups of people together and make them look in sync together and not look like they're squished or anything, and to practice with small facial expressions here and there, overall I love how this came out, I'm happy to have drawn all of my characters together to make them feel like a little family XD Anyway, this whole challenge was a lot of fun but kinda stressful at the same time, but that's a given the type of endurance this is, hope maybe I'll do this again next year, that is if I have time to do it XD

(from left to right)
Lucy, C, "Me", Pureina, and Bridgette © MattXenoTron
Sketch #27- 'Like my feather?'
For the twenty-seventh day of Sketch-a-day 2017, I wanted to practice with backside poses and also try to practicing different types of clothing, and what better outfit to practice both things with than with a lovely girl in a beautiful traditional kimono attire. And to make this pic more interesting, I decided to have this girl be a secret tickler and arm her with a large fluffy feather to wave around with. In all I like how this came out, drew a pair of hands that I find okay for once XD, and I feel that I drew the kimono pretty good as well. Maybe I'll draw my characters in kimono attire sometime in the future since I really like this look~, but for now, let this cutie play around with her feather, and hopefully she doesn't use it on you!

Art drawn by © MattXenoTron 
Sketch #26- A Hunter's Bounty
For the twenty-sixth day of Sketch-a-day 2017, I wanted to draw a character that I've been wanting to do for a long time now, the famous but to herself bounty hunter, Samus Aran!, and having her taking care of some loose Metroids before they get a chance to repopulate. But I wanted to challenge myself and draw her in her Power Suit, and not just the easy way out in just drawing Samus in her skin tight Zero Suit like everyone else does, not knocking anyone that prefers to draw Zero Suit, but to me when I think about the main character in Metroid, I'm with the small few that kinda prefers Power Suit Samus since that's the form of Samus you see of most when you play the games in the main series, but I do like Zero Suit though, but I just mainly prefer Power Suit cause reasons XD. But one thing about drawing Power Suit, even though it feels cool drawing a detailed character, it was very tedious to draw her shoes of all things, since their in a wired shape and all. But either than that, I'm happy with how this came out, and hopefully we'll see a new main series game with this lovely hunter in it soon, cause she really deserves one~

Samus Aran & Metroid © Nintendo (and a tad of Retro Studios IMHO)
Sketch #25- Bomberman
For the twenty-fifth day of Sketch-a-day 2017, I wanted to draw a game character that I've loved for a long time but never gotten the right treatment that he deserved for years now, the bomb loving superstar Bomberman! Not much to say but I'm overjoyed that he's FINALLY getting a new game (as of me writing this) on the after all this time over the years, but I'm more surprised that the pachinko loving company we know as Konami remembered that this series exists and wanted to bring it back on the Switch, who saw that coming really? XD Eeh nerdyness aside, I had fun drawing this, Bomberman was one of those games I played during my youth and I'm happy that I got to draw him just in time for him to be relevant again! (though I think his game will be overshadowed by BotW at launch ; ^ ; )

Bomberman © Konami 
Sketch #24- 'Panicked'
For the twenty-fourth day of Sketch-a-day 2017, I wanted to practice drawing emotions, and due to me drawing mostly happy emotions all the time, I wanted to do something different and draw a sorta panicked/terrified face. And to also be different, I wanted to add a character I barely add for this, which is Lucy, since she also tends to be sort of in a panic from time to time, overall I like how this came out, kinda wished I made her face a little wider, but I think this looks fine for now. It was fun drawing Lucy again, really want to give all my characters equal love in the future and not just focus on Pinky XD

Lucy © MattXenoTron


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I'm just a average person that has an interest in the drawing arts, sometimes I draw normal arts, and sometimes my interesting kinds of kink arts...that's all I'm going to say...


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